Buying Prescription Lenses Online A Different View on Eye Care & Buying Frames by Väri

Buying prescription eyeglasses online has become increasingly popular, but there are significant risks when it comes to ordering your lenses without the involvement of an optician or ophthalmologist and we wanted to share them with you.

At Väri Eyewear, we LOVE selling you our crafted, comfortable frames with stylish details. However, we always advocate for maintaining the health and comfort of your eyes by supporting your local optician and ophthalmologist. Remember, ensuring that your prescription is up to date, 100% accurate and that your eye health is top-notch is best achieved by visiting your local eye care provider.

When buying eyewear, feel free to buy your eyewear online from a reputable company that understands the value of the optician and ophthalmologist in the process. As you shop, here are the top five reasons you should never buy your lenses online. 


  1. Accurate Fit and Prescription: Whenever you purchase eyewear, obtaining a current prescription from an eye doctor is essential and this happens at your yearly exam. When fitting you for corrective lenses the eye doctor will need to assess your pupillary distance (PD), which is crucial for proper lens alignment. An incorrect PD can lead to issues like headaches and eye strain. Eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy require precise lens crafting that online retailers often cannot provide accurately.


  1. Tailored Lens Crafting: Eye health conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia require custom lens solutions that should be overseen by a local eye care professional. Online retailers might not accommodate these needs adequately, leading to discomfort and ineffective vision correction.


  1. Importance of the Eye Care Professional: Väri Eyewear believes in the indispensable role of opticians. Our founders, with over six decades of combined experience, emphasize the value of personalized eye care. After selecting your frames online, bring them to your local eye care professional or have them shipped direct to your optician to ensure the lenses are fit accurately, maintaining your optimal eye health.


  1. Yearly Eye Exams: Regular eye exams are critical. They not only update your prescription but also screen for other health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, which can be detected through eye examinations. Skipping these exams by ordering lenses online can overlook these significant health checks.


  1. Risk of Errors and Poor Fit: Ordering lenses online without professional fitting increases the risk of errors. Bifocals and progressive lenses require precise measurements that are difficult to achieve without an in-person fitting, potentially leading to issues like double vision or dizziness. Your eyes are the way you view the world, don’t cut corners when getting proper eyewear. Shop online to your heart’s content, but make sure you meet with your local eye care professional to support the fulfillment of your prescriptive lenses. 

The Väri Eyewear Approach

At Väri Eyewear, we provide an online option to shop for stylish, comfortable frames while encouraging you to involve your local eye care professional for lens fitting. This partnership ensures your eyewear is both fashionable and functional, giving you the best visual experience. Remember, your eye health is paramount, and professional care is irreplaceable.

Explore our collection at Vä and enjoy the best of online convenience and then make an appointment with your local eye doctor for professionally fulfilled lenses. 


Väri Eyewear: Commitment to Comfort and Eye Health
Väri Eyewear was started by opticians with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We know the value of your local eye care professional and believe they should always be part of your eyewear purchase process. With Väri, you never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Visit Vä to explore our collection and experience the difference for yourself.

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June 28, 2024 by Väri Eyewear

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