Sometimes a simple idea is the best idea.

With over 40 years working together in the eyewear industry, Founders, Rich Baum and Clif Browner know a thing or two about what makes a really, comfortable pair of frames. So that is precisely what they do.

From their office in Port Washington, New York, Rich and Clif, started Väri Eyewear, a company that focuses on the one aspect that so many other eyewear manufacturers have seemed to forget. Comfort.

Says Rich, “If you’re going to wear something on your face for 8. 10, 12 hours a day, it better feel good”. Indeed, making people feel and look good in their frames is the company’s mission and for raving fans around the world, they are certainly hitting the mark.

Unlike most manufacturers, Väri is designed by opticians and as such, they know first- hand the types of fitting challenges that people have when it comes to eyewear. Poor-fitting frames, frames that pinch, or slide down your nose, are just not comfortable to live in, so these life-long friends set out to do one thing, create the most comfortable frames on the planet. A lofty goal, but one they enjoy reaching time and time again.

As for the product’s durability, the Väri team works hard at sourcing the highest quality materials. With decades of experience in manufacturing, Clif understands what it takes to design a frame that is flexible, lightweight, and built to last. Says Clif, “When it comes to eyewear sometimes the devil can be in the details. From the types of hinges we use, to the shape of our bridges, or the velvety feel and finish of many of our frames, we make sure to focus on every single element that makes wearing Vari feel … effortless.”

One of their clients said it best, “Wearing Väri is like wearing your favorite PJ’s, those worn in the right place jeans, or that super comfortable sweater. Wearing Väri just feels like “coming home”.   For most people, once they try on a Väri frame it isn’t a matter of whether or not they’ll buy it, it is just a matter of which one, or for some, how many. With over twenty-one collections and dozens of color combinations and style details, there is a frame for every face at Väri.

Väri: Comfort Looks Good on You.