Väri was founded on the beauty that can be found in being, well, you. You are expressly and exquisitely unique and your choice of eyewear should fit the many facets of YOUR life, not check boxes off a list of requirements. 

What you choose to wear on your face says a lot about you, your personal style and in many ways characterizes your “look” – so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Pick the Väri frame that you feel good wearing and we will guarantee it will be one of the most comfortable things you have ever worn.

Feel free to try all different shapes and sizes to find the style that is uniquely you. To help with that, check out our Virtual Try On or if you’d like a little more guidance, read on for some tips below.


When finding a great frame for your face, you can look for a symmetrical fit. This is when the frame falls nicely along the brow line, the temple and the crease of your nose. If you do this, the frames you choose should be 50-75% in line with the symmetry of your face.

No two face shapes are exactly alike, and most people have a combination of more than one shape. Below is a list of typical shapes and some of the things you may want to look for or look out for when choosing a frame.

 Face Shape What to look for What to look out for



To add balance to the roundness of your face, consider trying a frame that is square or rectangle. This can help make your face appear slimmer and longer than it is. Round frames, rimless frames and frames that are too small for your face as these may cause your face to appear even rounder, and not allow you to provide the balance to your features that a round face needs.


You may want to look for a frame that has a strong bridge, great geometry and that enables the frame to be wider than the widest part of your face. Be careful not to get a frame that overwhelms your face or is overall too big as this will throw off the natural symmetry of your face.


It is always a good idea to soften the angularity of a square face and to get a frame that sits high on the bridge of the nose. They say that opposites attract so try an oval or round shape.

To provide that balance, you are going to want to avoid frames that are boxy as they will sharpen your features and could cause you to look too angular.




If you have a narrow chin or a narrow forehead you can always try a frame that extends beyond the cheekbones. You may try something with an oval or a great cat eye that can show off your features.

To provide that balance, you are going to want to avoid frames that are boxy as they will sharpen your features and could cause you to look too angular 


Finding a way to balance the top and bottom of your face is the best route to go. Finding a frame with a thicker, or heavy frame line at the bottom will help narrow part of your face. You can also try round or square glasses with softly rounded edges.

 You may want to take the attention away from a high, wide forehead so stay away from any frame that draws attention upward to the top of your face. Avoid the bling at your temples and consider shapes with softer edges.



If you have pink or blue undertones to your complexion you probably have a COOL skin tone. When choosing a frame you may want to look for colors that pop and do not wash you out. Try anything that suits your fancy, but you may want to start with frames that are black, tortoise, silver, purple, blue, pink, gray and any tones that fall close to these.

If you have a darker skin tone, or have a yellow, gold or bronze hue to your skin, you probably have a WARM skin tone and you’ll look great in anything like olive green, honey, beige, gold, tortoise, and browns that build off your complexion.


Eyewear is something you have got to live in, work in and play in, so make sure you choose a pair that you can take from day to night and every second in between. Feeling adventurous? Consider multiple pairs to fit the unique things you do every day. Above all make sure the eyewear you choose is comfortable. Lucky for you, all our Väri frames come with our personal comfort guarantee.


Like we have said before, find the frame that makes you feel like YOU! The frame that excites you every time you put it on and that makes you feel not only comfortable but good! People remember eyewear and knowing how to be comfortable in your own skin is the key to wearing eyewear well.