Before heading into your local retailer, our Vari Virtual Try-On application helps you choose face flattering frames frames that best fit your unique style and face.

To use the application, just click the "Virtual Try-On" button on each frame you want to try (you'll find this button on the eyeglasses/sunglass product/category pages).  Then use your webcam to try on the frames you love most!

Please note that you can try them on "live" using your webcam, or alternatively you can just take a picture of yourself, upload an existing picture, or use a model's photo to virtually try on every model of our collections (more info below).

If you have any questions, need any assistance or just want the name of a great local retailer, contact us at  

LIVE TRY-ON: transform your screen into a virtual mirror!

Virtual Try-On is a revolutionary web application capable of transforming your screen into a virtual mirror using your webcam. You can instantly, online, in real time and with movement, try on every frame or our collection "Live" as if you were in the store. Video Try-On application works only in computers at the moment. Enjoy exploring Photo Try-On on your mobile devices.

PHOTO TRY-ON: try it on with your own photo!

Photo Try-On is a web module that allows you to instantly try on, in just a few clicks, our collection on your own photos by uploading them from your computer, importing them from your Facebook account or by taking a snapshot directly with your webcam. Share your virtual try-on on Facebook and Twitter with your friends instantly and get comments of your friends to help select best frame for you!

Compatible with these browsers: