We’ve made comfort our focus in designing the entire Väri collection. From our Väri Classics and our Väri Handmades (Designed in Portugal) to our Väri Metals and Väri Organics (our latest bio-based frames!)- we ensure that every one of our frames, puts you in the comfort zone and into the right frame of mind.

So, what makes our frames so comfortable? More than anything else the fit and the weight of the frame are the first driving forces behind Väri comfort.

Next, we truly believe in the importance of material selection and use titanium and the highest quality TR-90 and thin cut acetate in our manufacturing process for many of our frames. This allows our frames to be both light and durable.    

Let’s face it, if something is going to sit on your face all day long, it shouldn't be a painful distraction. Frames that slide down your nose or that pinch the back of your ear, can cause real pain.  

At Väri, the only impression we want to leave on you, is how comfortable our frames really are. In fact, we are so certain that once you try Väri, you will be convinced they are the most comfortable frames you’ve ever worn, we’ll guarantee you’ll never want to be without them.