Hey Keith Urban, blue may be the color after all.

Pantone may just have Keith Urban changing his tune about the color, blue.  Yes, despite what the crooner says in his hit song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”, this year American-color company, Pantone, has named Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4052) as a universal favorite and the official color of the year for 2020.

The announcement came December 4th and the crowd-pleasing hue will be celebrated all new year long in décor, fashion, logo designs and of course, near to our heart, eyewear.  Often found in nature, the color can make you gaze skyward enjoying the daytime sky, or perhaps the cast of an evening blue as the afternoon settles into dusk and then night.  Blue is the color of water and the sea, and often creates a calming, serene effect.  While psychologically the color blue suggests loyalty, confidence, trust and connection. Perhaps even a bit more popular with men than women, the color has global appeal and defies gender while bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to the psyche and spirit.

To celebrate the year of blue, we’ve pulled out all the stops, and all of our frames that pay homage to Pantone’s latest selection. So, when you’re ready to show off how cool you look in blue, try some of these on for size in our virtual try on!

Indeed, there are so many Väri styles and shades that incorporate this year’s chosen color!  But for now, we’ll FOCUS on one for you, and you can find the rest at varieyewear.com. 

Check out our HM-1.  Shown here in Crystal Blue, this style is an extremely lightweight, hand-finished frame constructed of superior-acetate plastic. The frame displays the unique titanium present on the temple.  The proprietary-manufacturing process for this frame produces eyewear that is both thin and well-structured, while keeping lenses seated in the bevel of the frames securely.  Designed in Portugal, the unmatched artisanship of these frames creates an exceptionally comfortable frame that feels light and balanced.  Yes, for all its popularity, certainly blue just may be YOUR color! To find out, check out our website and have fun getting tangled up in blue! Happy, New Blue Year to all!

January 16, 2020 by Jodi Jacobs

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