Today I became a person I always feared...

Today I became a person I always feared… yes, the one who wears two pairs of glasses at the same time. As I move on into my 50s and leave my youthful eyesight behind, I am finding it increasingly difficult to navigate without multiple sets of eyewear. Getting in my car with the sun in my face, I quickly reach for my glasses forgetting that the message I was just reading on my phone required me to use my cheaters, which are already taking up residence on my face. I quickly push them up on the top of my head and add the sunglasses to avoid the glare. Catching myself in the rearview mirror, I laugh at my reflection ... now sporting not one, but two pairs of glasses. In many ways, my cheaters have become an extension of me. Hanging from a sleeve in my pocketbook or dangling with one temple arm dropped into my cleavage. They are my constant companion in this world where I have to read, type on my laptop, and try to read those little letters in text messages on my phone.

Honestly, when I was younger, I never thought that this day would come. I always thought that people wearing multiple pairs glasses were “really old” and something for the "aged" – kind of like when you see a cute, somewhat absent-minded granny. My memories take me back, and I remember my own grandmother, with her glasses on a silver chain, sliding down to the edge of her nose as she peered over the tops of her frames to give me advice over morning coffee at the kitchen table..Grandma Jacobs…Catherine, now that is a memory that makes me smile.

But, these days it is me peering over those glasses while I check e-mail or read the local paper. I suppose this is just another rite of passage and in many ways, a gift. Getting older is a privilege and I never want to forget that. So, I will choose to look at life through rose colored glasses...multiple sets of them.

Lucky for me, Vari has a great convertible option! Check out the VC1 and VC2 - they are clipable frames with accessory lenses that can pop on and off - now I can have my Rx, my sunglasses, AND my cheaters! Woohoo! Come join the #varirevolution!

May 23, 2018 by Väri Eyewear

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