An Interview with Balitski Vision on their success with Väri

Owners and operators of two retail locations in Monaca, PA (opened in 2001) and Washington, PA (opened in 2014), Marci Balitski and her optometrist husband, Thomas have had a deep history in the eyecare and eyewear industry.

“We’re growing and it’s fantastic!” - Marci Balitski, Balitski Vision

A self-professed straight shooter, Marci offers genuine advice with regard to the frames she sells. “If a patient falls in love with a frame, and I know it is just too big for her face, I’ll tell her straight out.” This honesty is not only helpful when it comes to fashion, but also to function. With regard to the questionnaire that she gives clients, she asks, “What do you like about your current glasses? What don’t you like?” When she gets responses back about they don’t like when the glasses pinch the nose, or that the glasses feel heavy, she knows to show her clients something with adjustable nose pads, or something made of plastic and light weight.

As for me, I love that the Väri line not only has styles that are fresh and fun, but that they have become my #1 selling brand in the store.”

Finding Väri a few years ago, she noticed the frames when one of her distributors came to her store. She says that she picked up a few pieces and that they did okay but that she initially wasn’t pushing the line as much until she discovered the Väri frame’s adjustable nose pads. “I love the versatility that the nose piece options give you. It certainly helps me tackle any fitting challenges with clients and is a great way that Väri differentiates its brand from competing brands.”  

In her position with the company, Marci often recommends brands to clients and to family. She recalls when she first got her husband to try Väri. “I had just bought him a pair of fairly expensive, but beautiful Calvin Klein frames in silver and blue. With his salt and pepper hair, the frames looked fantastic on him and he got a number of compliments. But shortly after, I wanted him to try out the Väri line, so I picked him up a pair of Väri’s VR2 in black, and left them for him to try.

Soon after, I began to notice that he never seemed to wear his Calvin Klein designer frames. Every day I would find him wearing his Väri’s and when I asked him why he wasn’t wearing the Calvin Klein frames he said that they were “too heavy”. So, I picked him up another pair of Väri’s, this time in the orange and gray, and the compliments started pouring in.” She comments, “He has a tendency to fall asleep with his frames on, but the Väri frames have great retention and keep their shape.

When asked why she thinks the Väri brand is so popular, Marci suggests, “It is the whole package. It has a competitive price point, a velvet feel and finish, a tremendous amount of style and color combinations, and it truly is the most comfortable frame I’ve ever sold.” She adds, “Add to that the optional nose pads and you have a win-win-win for the client, ECP and the manufacturer. I really think they hit the jackpot with these frames.”

“Honestly, I really do believe that they are one of the most comfortable frames you’ll ever wear.”

“I’m selling these frames every week. In fact, I’ve had people buy Väri frames from me sight unseen. They’ve met a friend, or a family member that has a pair of Väri’s and all they know is that they want a frame too. I’ve rarely seen such a situation where the consumer’s satisfaction with the frame is literally sending people into our store – be that on-line virtually or in person.”

To Marci, and to all of our Väri fans…thanks for being part of the #värirevolution!

April 26, 2018 by Väri Eyewear

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