When the sun is out and the weather is warm, we know to be are aware of the sun and the damage it can cause. We paint ourselves with sunscreen to avoid painful sunburns and throw on our shades. But when summer fades, many people forget that the sun is still out 365 days of the year. Taking proper precautions to protect your body from the sun’s harmful rays year-round will keep your eyes shining bright and your skin healthy.

“Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate through clouds.”

When fall and winter come, the sun may hide but its UV rays don’t. Safe habits should be carried on all year round! The sun gives off UVA and UVB rays, that can both cause damage to your skin and eyes. UVB rays are what cause sunburn and are most common in the summer. UVA rays are present all year round, and strong enough to get through the clouds and even the glass in your office window.

But our skin isn’t the only part susceptible to the sun, did you know that even your eyes can get sunburn? Wearing sunglasses everyday can protect your eyes from UVA rays even in the winter months. Not just any sunglasses

“The sun’s rays are strongest between 11am and 3pm”

In every season it’s a good idea to keep your eyes protected and to teach kids the importance of protecting their eyes from the sun. In fact, most of the damage done to our eyes and our skin by the sun’s rays isn’t seen until years later, so the sooner you can stay protected the better. So the next time you are going to pop out for lunch on the deck, take a winter stroll or spend the day at the beach, make sure to your shades along to look cool and stay safe.

June 05, 2017 by Rich Baum

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