Styles, colors and shapes come and go with each passing year.  What’s trending in the market today may be a distant memory next year, but at Vari we know that one constant remains when it comes to selecting your “go to” frames – comfort.

That’s why we’ve made comfort our focus in designing the entire Vari collection – from our Vari Classics to our latest line of Handmades, we ensure that every one of our frames, puts you in the comfort zone and the right frame of mind. Sorry, we couldn’t pass up the pun.

More than anything else the fit and the weight of the frame are the first driving forces behind comfort. Frames that slide down your nose or leave a lasting impression on your schnozz or that pinch the back of your ear, cause real pain.  Let’s face it, if something is going to sit on your face all day long, it shouldn't be a distraction.

We truly believe in the importance of material selection so we use titanium and the highest quality TR-90 and thin cut acetate in our manufacturing process and this allows our frames to be both light and durable.    

Every Vari frame is designed to be remarkably sturdy, temperature neutral, comes with a soft matte finish and slip-free bridge. We’re so certain that once you try Vari, you’ll be so convinced they are the most comfortable frames you’ve ever worn, you’ll never want to be without them.  

Visit our virtual try on room to get your own #varirevolution started today!


June 19, 2017 by Jodi Jacobs

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