Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses- A few of our Favorites!

Väri Eyewear "Clipables" collection features sunglass lenses that instantly turn a pair of prescription lenses, into stylish shades. Here are some of our favorites!

VC-2 Tortoise with Yellow Mirrored Clip

Tortoise shell frames emerged in the 1920's and eventually found their way into popularity in the 1950's. Back then, they were actually made from real tortoise shells. Now, tortoise shell frames are made far more ethically and have remained a mainstay in eyewear fashion for years. 

These sunglass lenses are mirrored and polarized to offer you the right amount of protection and comfort.

VC-1 Grey Pumpkin with Orange Mirror Clip

VC-1 Grey Pumpkin with Orange Mirror Clip
Our gray pumpkin frames with the Orange mirrored clip on is a fan favorite and perfect for Fall! These frames are extremely lightweight and perfect for someone looking for the ability to turn their prescription lenses into sunglasses on the go!

VC-1 Black Blue with Blue Mirrored Clip

Polarized G15 Reflective SunglassesBlack and blue is a classic color combination. The VC-1 Black and blue comes with either a mirrored or non-mirrored traditional sunglass lense. Our lenses are also completely scratch resistant and protect against UV rays!


For more information about our "Clipables" find out more in our collection page here!

October 07, 2021 by Väri Eyewear

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