May 29, 2018 – Port Washington, NY – – Väri Eyewear, a division of I & Eye Optical, a well-respected, Long Island based eyewear manufacturer and merchandiser with national distribution, introduces two new frames which will make ECP’s lives a little easier.  Väri’s new VR13 and VR14 temples are screwless making these frames truly convenient for both opticians and their clients.  The launch of these frames represents the creation of a new category of styles for Väri as they introduce their “Thin Line” collection.

Keeping with the Väri tradition, both the VR13 and VR14 frames are made with TR-90 material, offering durability, flexibility, and the signature velvety feel and finish that Väri is known for. The frames feature a unique screw-less hinge design that frees ECP’s and their clients from the need for constant tightening and adjustments.  Both frames feature stylish detailing in the rounded stainless-steel metal bridge with modified keyhole.

The VR13’s are square shape, whereas the VR14’s are rectangular, have rounded corners, and are lightweight, unisex, and offer a universal fit. Each style comes in four color combinations that playfully feature a tortoise pattern with three of the four colors and offers a stylish translucent for the fourth color combination.  Colors include Purple Demi with Silver Temples, Brown Demi with Silver Temples, Blue Demi with Gun Temples and Brown Translucent with Silver Temples.

Clif Browner, co-founder of Väri says, “When we design our frames, we always think about what would be most functional for our clients.” Co-Founder Rich Baum adds, “As opticians, we are always trying to find solutions that work for both the ECP and their patients. It’s amazing how a loose penny screw can cause so much frustration. The screw-less design of our VR13 and VR14 solves this.”

To learn more about the VR13 and VR14 frames, to see the entire Väri collection, or to become a Väri retailer, visit Väri’s website at www.vä or contact Väri at info@Vä

June 13, 2018 by Väri Eyewear