September 26, 2018 – Port Washington, NY I & Eye Optical, a well-respected, Long Island based eyewear manufacturer and merchandiser with national distribution, is excited to introduce a new palette of colors for some of their best-selling frames, the VM-102, VR-2, and VR-15.

The stylish, classic design of the VM-102 offers a square shape with a high temple position, and features a unique, embedded metal trim piece where the frame’s temple meets the chassis. The classic design of Väri’s VR-2 offers a more rectangular shape with high temple position, and the VR-15 is a modernized version of a classic with a rectangular shape and rounded sides. Its high-temple design showcases structured stainless-steel black temples, giving the VR-15 frame a great edge. All three frames are constructed with our lightweight, durable, resilient and flexible TR-90 material, and each delivers extremely cool comfort with a velvety feel and finish.

New to the Väri color palette for the VM-102 and VR-2 is a demi-gray top fading into a translucent gray bottom. The VR-2 and the VR-15 share the new shade-fade concept of matte black top into a matte shell bottom. Both color-fade concepts offer a unique and stylish way to soften darker colors.

Of the new colors, Rich Baum, Co-Founder of Väri says, The fading concept treats traditional colors in a non-traditional way.” He adds, “If you spread the entire collection of our frames out like a deck of cards, it makes for quite an interesting color palette and these new colors add a new twist.” Co-Founder, Clif Browner adds, “Today, we find that gray tones have a unisex appeal and attract people from Millennials to Baby Boomers. We are really happy with the great response we’ve seen with these new colors.”

To learn more about the new colors and to see the entire Väri collection, or to become a Väri retailer, visit Väri’s website at www.vä or contact Väri at info@Vä


Located in Port Washington, NY on the north shore of Long Island, Väri Eyewear, a Division of I & Eye Optical, is a globally successful optical and merchandising company that has always been willing to step outside the lines, to challenge the status quo and create new brand opportunities for stylish eyewear, accessories and impeccable designs.

Väri headquarters serves as an international liaison exchange for researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality eyewear. Since 1976, company founders Rich Baum and Clif Browner have developed deep relationships in the eyewear industry with distributors, retailers and other manufacturing, service and supply partners. Their passion for eyewear has led them to build an innovative company with a reputation for excellence and for trend-setting.

With a thorough understanding of optics from every part of the process, the company truly recognizes and understands the optical market, its channels and the consumers that drive its success.

The company’s corporate philosophy is based on a solid foundation of operational excellence and they take an intimate approach to every new line they introduce. From composite material selection to the shape, size and color choice for their frames, the founders maintain quality control from prototype development and manufacturing to sales placement, training and fulfillment and place a focus on comfort for the entire Väri line.

October 01, 2018 by Jodi Jacobs