June 7, 2023 – Port Washington, NY – I & Eye Optical, a well-respected, Long Island based eyewear manufacturer and merchandiser of Väri Eyewear, with national distribution, expands its popular line of magnetic clip-ables frames with a fresh style called the VC5, along with three new bold colors.

Väri’s best-selling clip-ables line adds its newest frame with a stylish twist. Providing an optional polarized (G-15) lens, the VC5 features a modern version of a classic cat eye shape with a lens area width of 54mm.

This latest Väri unstoppable clip-ables offers a classic retro shape and instantly transforms its VC5 frame into statement-making sunglasses. The modified cat eye is timeless and truly the cat’s meow when it comes to comfort!

Like the VC4, this latest style includes a new detail to the magnetic clip.  Designed with a small lip at the back of the magnetic sunglass lens attachment, the frame front clips effortlessly and securely to the VC5 frame chassis.   For people on the go, the clip detail adds an extra layer of security for the accompanying G15 lens to stay fixed and firm on the frame front.

Convertible and multi-functional is the name of the game when it comes to the Väri clip-ables.  Extremely lightweight, the magnetic clip attaches quickly and fits so seamlessly flush, it looks as if it is one frame when placed on top of the plano chassis.

These clip-ables come with a G15 lens that creates a bit of mystery as the frame rocks the jewel tones in colors featuring Deep Red Crystal, Deep Blue Crystal and Deep Emerald Crystal.  The frame also comes in two other classic colors Matte Black and Matte Tort.  We affectionately call this our Oz Collection and indeed there is no  place you will feel this good and enjoy this much comfort than when you wear these Väri frames.

Rich Baum, co-founder for Väri said, “We really cannot get over the demand for our Clip-ables.  The idea for clip-ables is not something completely new, but the feedback we hear is that it has never been this comfortable to wear.”   Co-founder, Clif Browner adds, “We see more people being concerned about the health of their eyes and protecting them, the polarization these clip-ons provide hits the mark for style and for protection. They are at a great price point, and we see people buying extra clips to give them evenmore options.”  Baum also comments, “For people that wear progressive lenses, the clip-ables collection enables them to get even more mileage out of their frames with its dual-nature versatility.”

To learn more about the VC5, or to see the entire Väri collection and find out how to become a Väri retailer, visit Väri’s website at www.värieyewear.com or contact Väri at info@Värieyewear.com.


Located in Port Washington, NY on the north shore of Long Island, I & Eye is a globally successful optical and merchandising company that has always been willing to step outside the lines, to challenge the status quo and create new brand opportunities for stylish eyewear, accessories and impeccable designs.

Väri headquarters serves as an international-liaison exchange for researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality eyewear.  Since 1976, company founders Rich Baum and Clif Browner have developed deep relationships in the eyewear industry with distributors, retailers and other manufacturing, service and supply partners.  Their passion for eyewear has led them to build an innovative company with a reputation for excellence and for trendsetting.  With a thorough understanding of optics from every part of the process, the company truly recognizes and understands the optical market, its channels and the consumers that drive its success.

I & Eye’s corporate philosophy is based on a solid foundation of operational excellence, and they take an intimate approach to every new line they introduce.  From composite-material selection to the shape, size and color choice for their frames, the founders maintain quality control from prototype development and manufacturing to sales placement, training and fulfillment. 

June 08, 2023 by Jodi Jacobs