VC-5 Deep Red Crystal with G15 Polarized Clip

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And the hits just keep on coming!  The latest Vari unstoppable clip-able offers a retro and classic shape and instantly transforms our VC5 frame into statement-making sunglasses.   This modified cat eye shape frame is timeless and truly the cat’s MEOW when it comes to comfort!

Extremely lightweight, these prescription-ready frames instantly
flip into your favorite “shades” with a sunglass clip that attaches to the frame body with magnets present on both the clips and frames.  For staying power, the clip has a small hook that catches at the bridge of the eyewear to make sure that it stays in place.

When connected, the frame 
and the clip are almost as light as the frame alone and fit so flush it looks like one, super stylish frame. These clip-ables come with a G15 polarized lens that creates a bit of mystery as the frame rocks the color waves in our Crystal Jewel Toned Ruby, our dramatic Sapphire blue, and our sparkling Emerald, and is also available in both Matte Black and Matte Tort.  We affectionately call this our “Oz” Collection and indeed there is no place you’ll feel this good and enjoy the comfort of coming “home” as when you are in your Vari frames. 


Measurements: 54-18-140

  • Instantly change from standalone Rx glasses to statement-making sunglasses
  • Extremely lightweight, the clip and frame are as light as the frame alone
  • Frames come with both magnets at the clip and temple with an extra hook at the bridge.
  • Polarized lenses in G15 create just the right sizzle for this clipable.
  • Approximate weight 16 grams (with clip 22 grams)


    Lens Width Lens Height Bridge Width Temple Length
    54 39.60 18 140

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